Freight forwarding and customs clearance

We have a strategically located port facility, full range of freight services and specialised brokerage team. Together with extensive industry knowledge, this ensures swift clearance using highly efficient interfaces and processes. RG Excel is able to provide seamless door to door delivery worldwide through a combination of our air, sea and land transport solutions.


Our network of warehouses across Malaysia and long-standing alliances with local and global partners ensure your goods are kept, handled and transported safely and professionally. In addition, our warehouses are able to cater to diverse sectors such as automotive spare parts, retail, fashion, electronics, home furnishings and humanitarian aid.

Goods transportation and distribution

The company’s transportation network include the full range of container types, a fleet of delivery trucks and specialised road transport vehicles. These include car carriers, refrigerated trucks, side loaders, low beds and trailers. These integrated transport solutions provide optimum flexibility in terms of speed, routing, and cargo types.

Supply chain management

RG Excel maintains international supply chain contracts which involve sourcing, procurement and complete logistics management. Our cross functional approach allows us to integrate operations into a single-source service dedicated to fulfilling our customer’s needs. Additional services provided include inventory control, documentation services, supply chain event management and sourcing and procurement.

Areas of specialisation

RG Excel - Fast moving consumer goods

Fast moving consumer goods

RG Excel - Construction materials

Construction materials

RG Excel - Break Bulk services

Break bulk

RG Excel - Furniture logistics

Furniture logistics

RG Excel - Heavy lifting
RG Excel - Project cargo
RG Excel - Fashion & hanging equipment
RG Excel - Electronics & Technology equipment

Electronics & technology equipment